Our Hunting Areas

We hunt private land that runs along the White River and borders the White River National Wildlife Refuge. This land is made up of green timber, cypress and oxbow lakes. The White River is known for large concentrations of mallards. Most of our hunts are done standing in the timber and in the cypress on oxbow lakes. Water depth can range from ankle to waist deep. Some of these bottomland cypress giants are massive in size and are over a thousand years old. When the flood waters rise in the White River bottoms to the point you can no longer stand we use blinds floating on pontoons or blind boat set ups to hunt where the ducks want to be. You must be well equipped and versatile to stay on the mallards. The terrain is remote and varies in depth with the many bayous, sloughs, oxbow lakes, and oak and cypress flats. Until very late season the mallards flying the river bottoms prefer to have the biggest opening in the woods like old log dumps and oxbow lakes to land in where the water is usually deeper and then swim into the woods to dabble in the shallow water.